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Castle® Terminex™ is an effective hard surface disinfectant, as well as a fast-acting deodorizer and air freshener. It can be used on any location to kill dangerous germs and eliminate foul smelling odors caused by microorganisms. Use Terminex™ to control mold and mildew, and to disinfect against many types of bacteria. Terminex™ may be especially useful for smaller jobs, such as disinfecting telephone receivers, drinking fountains, and all places where a disinfectant concentrate is inconvenient.


  • School
  • Telephones
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Garages
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories


1. Shake can well before using.
2. Pre-clean, removing all soil deposits from surfaces and spray until wet.
3. Allow to remain wet for 10 minutes.
4. Let dry and repeat from time to time as required.
5. As an air freshener: aim can upward to center of room and spray for one or two seconds.


  • 20 oz (#C2024) 12/case


  • Color clear
  • Specific Gravity 0.70
  • Flash Point -160°F
  • Cleaning excellent
  • Odor disinfectant
  • Density 4.0
  • Solubility in Water slight

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