Lock De-Icer

Lock De-Icer


Castle® Lock De-Icer is a specialty product designed for use mainly in cold winter months but may be used as a lock lubricant all year. Its petroleum-based formula will melt ice that has formed in the lock cylinder. A special lubricant is added to protect locks from drying out and rusting after the ice is thawed.


  • Auto
  • Marine
  • Tractor
  • Snow Blowers
  • RV’s
  • Aviation
  • Industrial
  • Snowmobiles


1. Insert red tip nozzle into keyhole and push against lock.
2. To treat severe icing, repeat procedure.
3. Allow a few moments for thawing action.


  • 24 of the 5/8 oz cylinder/box(#C0751)


Store in cool dry place. Keep one in purse or pocket. Keep away from heat source.


  • Color – Clear
  • Specific Gravity – .65
  • Effect on Paint – none
  • Odor – alcohol
  • pH – N/A
  • Freeze Stable – will not freeze

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