E-Z Bead ~ Hi Temp Sealant (RED)

E-Z Bead Hi Temp (RED)


Castle® E-Z Bead™ is dispensed through a pressurized can for a clean, smooth, continuous bead of any size. E-Z Bead’s RTV Silicone makes a permanent flexible seal for a multitude of uses. Special formulations are designed for specific applications. E-Z Bead’s™ Innovative applicator allows easy application of RTV Silicone to any surface even when applying to overhead or vertical surfaces. It eliminates package waste of product due to poor closure of traditional squeeze tubes of caulking guns that become hard after one use. Castle® E-Z Bead Red™ is designed for high temperature gasket applications. It will perform at temperatures ranging from -85° F to over 600° F. Exposure to these higher limits, however, should be for intermittent periods only. Used for high temperature cam and timing chain covers, cross over manifolds, and exhaust manifolds. It can also be used for all regular gaskets and sealing applications. E-Z Bead™ will affect oxygen sensors.


1. Varies by application. Please consult label.


  • 8 oz (#C0809) 12/case


Store below 120º F.
NOTE: Always check to insure ¼” to ½” of E-Z Bead is protruding from opening for proper storage seal.

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