Dragon Power Diesel

Dragon Power Diesel


Changes in diesel fuel mean new challenges to the owners of diesel powered cars and trucks. Ultra low sulfur diesel fuel can cause issues related to lubricity and fuel economy much like those experienced during a switch to low sulfur a few years ago. Castle® , working with the world leaders in the diesel fuel additive industry, has put together the most advanced diesel fuel treatments available to treat both low and ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. These are not “tweaked” formulations of old technology, but new state of the art formulations with proven credentials of performance. Dragon Power Diesel™ not only improves fuel economy and stability, but also helps to keep your engine running cleanly and efficiently. It will reduce exhaust emissions, clean injectors, increase cetane and corrosion protection, reduce power loss, and is an upper cylinder lubricant.


      Diesel engines that use low or ultra low sulfur diesel fuel can use Dragon Power Diesel™ to reduce

    • power loss
    • boost injector cleanliness
    • improve fuel stability
    • increase fuel economy

In the summer Dragon Power Diesel™ is your choice, during the winter choose Castle® 5 Star™


  • 16 oz (#C1690) 12/case
  • 1 gal (#C1690-128) 4/case
  • 5 gal (#C1690-5) pail
  • 54 gal (#C1690-54) drum

Product #:

C1690, C1690-128, C1690-5, C1690-54

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