Classy Wheels ~ Wire Wheel Cleaner



Castle® Classy Wheels™ is an advanced formula foaming wheel cleaner is safe for aluminum, mag, and chrome plated plastic wheels, when used as directed.


  • Wire Wheels
  • Chrome Plated Plastic Wheels
  • Coated Aluminum Wheels
  • Magnesium Wheels


1. Wet wheel with water.
2. Apply with applicator or spray bottle.
3. Rub stubborn soil where necessary.
4. Rinse thoroughly and dry
5. Do not allow product to dry on surface.
6. Can be used full strength or diluted to 4oz. per gallon, depending on the job.


  • 1 gal (#C12814) 4/case
  • 5 gal (#C12814-5) pail
  • 15 gal (#C12814-15) drum


Store in cool, dry place away from caustic materials. Do not store where a leak could come in contact with metal.


  • Color – amber
  • pH – 3.5-4
  • Specific Gravity – 1.0
  • Flash Point – none
  • Effect on Paint – possible
  • Odor – mild acid

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