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VOC-compliant Castle® Big Stick™ heavy duty spray adhesive features a super strength formula that dries fast and creates a permanent bond the first time, every time. Use to bond vinyl, leather, foam, rubber, plastic to wood, metal, or cardboard. In addition to being water and heat resistant, Big Stick™ will not attack foam. Its adjustable spray nozzle allows for application in any direction. Big Stick™ contains no methylene chloride.


  • Bonding various materials.


1. Surface must be clean and dry. Working surface and can must be at room temperature (60°-65°F).
2. Protect areas from overspray.
3. Adjust nozzle to desired width and direction.
4. Hold can 5”-7” from surfaces and spray both surfaces to be bonded with an overlapping motion.
5. Allow solvent to escape for 2-3 minutes, but not more than 15 minutes.
6. Encourage bonding by applying firm pressure.
7. When finished, invert can and spray to clean nozzle.


  • 20 oz (#C2041) 12/case


Store away from heat.


  • Color – clear
  • Specific Gravity – 0.7
  • Flash Point -142°F
  • Cleaning – N/A
  • Odor – solvent
  • Freeze Stable – yes
  • Corrosion to Steel/Aluminum – oxidizer

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