Rubberized Undercoating

Rubberized Undercoat


Castle® Rubberized Undercoating is a tough, fast-drying, abrasion resistant coating recommended for areas that must be painted over. Rubberized Undercoating dries thoroughly, yet remains pliable enough not to crack when metal flexes. Surface can be painted in about 10 minutes. Several thin coats are more effective than one thick coat. Avoid application of materials closer than 12 to 14 inches to the entire exhaust system and catalytic converter.


  • Rust Proofing
  • Sound Deadening
  • Wheel Wells
  • Replacement Panels


1. Shake product well before use.
2.Spray, holding can 10 to 12 inches from surface.
3. Apply a uniform coat, moving can rapidly.
4. Always clear valve by inverting can spraying until only pressure escapes.


  • 24 oz (#C2402) 12/case


Store below 120ºF.


  • Color – Black
  • Odor – Solvent
  • Specific Gravity – 0.7
  • Density – 4.0
  • Flash Point – -40ºF
  • Freeze Stable – Yes
  • Cleaning – N/A
  • Degreasing – N/A
  • Effect On Paint – None

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