Great Stuff ~ Powder Car Wash

Great Stuff


Castle® Great Stuff™ is formulated for maximum penetration and run off of soils and grease, leaving no streaks or residue. Special sheeting actions assure rapid spot-free drying. Great Stuff™ is gentle on the skin.


  • Any Vehicle Exterior
  • Boat Exterior
  • Aluminum Siding


    For Manual Wash:

1. Hose off surface to be cleaned.
2. Pour 1 cup of powder into 5 gallon bucket.
3. Hit powder with strong water pressure until suds reach top.

    For Commercial Wash:

1. For pre-rinse, add 3 lbs. per 50 gallons of water and inject into pre-rinse station at adjusted dilution for soil conditions using hot or cold water.
2. For brush feed applications, add 2 lbs. per 100 gallons of water contained in solution tank.
3. Rinse vehicle surface before adding rinse wax to surface.


  • 8 lb (#C9010) tub
  • 30 lb (#C9030) tub
  • 90 lb (#C9090) tub
  • 300 lb (#C90350) tub


Store in a very dry area.


  • Color: white
  • Flash Point: non flammable
  • Cleaning: excellent
  • Effect on Paint: none
  • Odor: soap
  • pH: 7.5
  • Freeze Stable: yes
  • Degreasing: yes

Product #:

C9010, C9030, C9090, C90350

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