Endura ~ Penetrating Grease



Castle® Endura™ is a high-strength lubricant with exceptional adhesive strength. It sprays as a liquid, penetrates tight areas, and sets up as long-lasting grease. PTFE is added, giving Endura greater lubricity and heat resistance. This exclusive formula assures that the product will penetrate and stay where it is sprayed, resisting resist throw off, squeeze out, high pressure, and water. Castle® Endura™ provides protection against rust, corrosion, acids, and alkalis; it has a temperature range of -30°F to over 600°F. Endura™ is also salt resistant.


  • Open Gears
  • Marine applications
  • Chains and Sprockets
  • Lawn Equipment
  • Door Hinges
  • Farm Equipment
  • Fleet Truck
  • Rubbish Companies


1. Spray area to be treated long enough to saturate.
2. Allow to penetrate.


  • 16 oz (#C1630) 12/case


Store below 120°F.


  • Color – clear
  • Odor – solvent
  • Specific Gravity – 0.7
  • Density – 4.0
  • Flash Point – -40°F
  • Freeze Stable – yes
  • Effect on Paint – none

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