Ducks Back ~ Fabric Protector

Ducks Back


Duck’s Back™ fabric protector offers a safe and dependable way to protect a variety of fabrics from stains, from liquids to oily and greasy spills. Duck’s Back™ provides a durable protective layer, keeping away everyday soils. It can be used on furniture, automobile upholstery, tents, rugs, and clothing.


  • Boat Interiors
  • In the Home
  • Tents
  • Shoes
  • Cars


1. Surface should be new or absolutely clean.
2. Hold the can 6 inches from the surface to be treated and spray with sweeping motion for even coverage.
3. Overlap as you spray.


  • 20 oz (#C2014) 12/case


Do not expose to heat or store at temperatures above 120°F.


  • Color – clear
  • Specific Gravity – 1.3
  • Cleaning – N/A
  • Odor – solvent
  • Freeze Stable – yes

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